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University of Colorado Boulder


Welcome to the Turetsky Lab Website

We are ecologists that study carbon, nutrient and energy cycling within ecosystem and resiliency frameworks. Our research occurs primarily in the Arctic and Boreal regions of Alaska and northwestern Canada, where wetlands and permafrost forests are extensive and store massive reservoirs of soil carbon. Currently, we are conducting several projects that examine the implications of climate change and climate-mediated disturbances such as wildfire and permafrost thaw on plant communities, ecosystem carbon and nutrient cycling, and greenhouse gas fluxes. Our work tends to integrate across ecology, evolution, hydrology, geology, and chemistry.

Interested in joining our research team? Please read this material before contacting us.

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We conduct research in amazing field locations!


We work on permafrost soils, vegetation, and disturbance regimes in the boreal and arctic regions of Alaska and northwestern Canada. Our team interacts with LTER scientists as well as scientists from a number of U.S. and Canadian agencies.


Learn more about our field sites here.

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We love communicating about our science to diverse audiences!


Besides conducting exciting field work in remote locations, our research team conducts experiments in growth chambers and helps to inform the work of climate modelling and remote sensing. We are also engaged in media work.

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As scientists, we believe in communicating our passion for northern ecosystems to broad audiences. If you are a journalist, photographer, teacher, or just interested in learning more about our research or experiences, please be in touch with us.

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