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Interested in learning more about our research, field sites, or experiments? Feel free to explore the contents of this website, or contact us directly.


We are always looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic, and capable students to work with us. We support both graduate and undergraduate students in gaining experience with northern field ecology.




Phone: 519.824.4120 x56166

Office: SSC 2469

Lab: SSC 2407/2408

Where We Work


Science has no Borders.

Our team works in incredible locales, spread across the globe - with many of our field sites located in Northern Canada or Alaska studying peatland and fire regime changes. Don't believe us? Check out our photo gallery!

Fun fact - you can see the APEX water table manipulation plots from space! We have maintained this long-term ecosystem experiment since 2004, and have been tracking changes in vegetation, microbial processes, and carbon fluxes ever since. Hover over the field image below to see the layout of our plots.

To complement the water table manipulation experiment highlighted above, we also have been studying ecosystem responses to wetting caused by the thaw of ice-rich permafrost. We have a lot of infrastructure at the field sites pictured below, including two eddy covariance towers, many networks of chambers, snow and ERT transects, and deep versus shallow nutrient fertilization.