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Interested in learning more about our research, field sites, or experiments? Feel free to explore the contents of this website, or contact us directly.


We are always looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic, and capable students to work with us. We support both graduate and undergraduate students in gaining experience with northern field ecology.




Phone: 519.824.4120 x56166

Office: SSC 2469

Lab: SSC 2407/2408

Prospective Students


Thinking about graduate school?


Obtaining a MSc. or Ph.D can be an exciting and challenging step forward in your career. Ideally, prospective students will demonstrate enthusiasm, a background in ecology or relevant field, an understanding of the research method and basic statistics, and the ability to troubleshoot and be a good team member. If you think these qualities describe you, please take the time to read about our research projects and some of our recent publications. Then feel free to contact us by email with a description of your background and research interests.


Students are expected to form novel and independent hypotheses that capitalize on opportunities in the lab. Dr. Turetsky's goal as a mentor is to provide students with the guidance, encouragement and resources to complete this research. Current lab members are working on a wide variety of topics within carbon management and ecosystem ecology, including plant-soil feedbacks, nutrient limitations on plant and microbial productivity, controls on greenhouse gas fluxes, and the effects of disturbances (fire, permafrost thaw, plant invasions) on ecosystem function. We also conduct work related to food and water security.

Are you an undergrad interested in research?


Mentoring undergraduate students in the research method is an important and valued part of our jobs. We routinely hire undergraduate students as research assistants. There are also opportunities for committed students to develop thesis projects. If you are interested in gaining research experience, please look through the information on this website prior to contacting Dr. Turetsky by email with a description of your coursework, any relevant background, and career interests.